Sabtu, 10 November 2007


We've come a long way
But we're not too sure where we've been
We've had success, we've had good times
But remember this

Been on this path of life for so long
Feel I've walked a thousand miles
Sometimes strolled hand in hand with love
Everybody's been there
With danger on my mind I would stand on the line of hope
And I knew I could make it
Once I knew the boundaries I looked into the clouds and saw
My face in the moonlight
Just then I realized what a fool I could be
Just cause I look so high I don't have to see me
Finding a paradise wasn't easy but still
There's a road going down the other side of this hill

Never forget where you're coming from
Never pretend that it's all real
Someday soon this will all be someone else's dream
This will be someone else's dream

Safe from the arms of dissapoitment for so long
Feel each day we've come too far
Yet each day seems to make much more
Sure is good to be here
I understand the meaning of "I can't explain this feeling" now
And it feels so unreal
At night I see the hand that reminds me of the stand that I made
The fact of reality


We've come so far and we've reached so high
And we've looked each day and night in the eye
And we're still so young and we hope for more
But remember this
We're not invincible, we're not invicible, no
We're only people, we're only people
Hey we're not invincible, we're not invicible
So again I tell you


Never, everybody sing, oh babe
Never, no never, never forget for love
Someday, lalala..oh
Never, everybody sing this song
Never, nanana..
Someday, come on, come on, everybody, everybody
Everybody, everybody, everybody

Jumat, 09 November 2007

Don't Forget to Remember Me

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